It’s all about building momentum for positive community change.


Let’s knock the cyclical merry-go-round that is poverty and hopelessness off its axis by helping to provide kids with consistent access to quality education and supportive mentors.


From the belly to the brain, what’s fed matters. That’s why we partner up with those that make good nutrition, physical activity, and environmental conservation a priority.


You’ve got two hands. Why not lend one to the people and places that need them?

About MRP

Our Story

Mystic Rhoads Productions came to life in 2003 through the efforts of two U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers serving rural communities in the great parish of Trelawny, Jamaica. During this stay, they gained an in-depth understanding of the people, culture, and environment of Jamaica. Their love for the area and desire to see it flourish was the motivation behind MRP’s creation.

Now based in Lincoln, NE, MRP works to provide positive educational opportunities, healthy lifestyles and an appreciation of the natural environment to the communities it serves. From scholarships and school supplies to community gardens and volunteer support, MRP is dedicated to the simple task of improving the world. Browse our website to learn how you can help.

Our Projects

GIRLPowR stole our hearts with their education- and equality-focused mission. So this year, MRP is donating 10% of its Dirt Nap Dip sales to them as well as promoting their organization out in the community.

Other projects include support for Water for Zambia, Southern Heights Food Forest, The Bay, Friendship Home, and the Nebraska-Jamaica Exchange.