MRP’s community programs all relate to our three focus areas of education, healthy lifestyles and community service.

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We’re always looking for new partners and programs to support.  Check out our community grants page for more info.


Initiated the Nebraska-Jamaica Exchange, a program designed to raise money for education in rural Jamaica and to provide a forum for cross-cultural exchange (2004).

Raised funds to provide underprivileged Jamaican children the opportunity to attend school on a daily basis (2006 – 2007).

Donated school supplies to Jamaican children (2006).

Provided two scholarships to children at Albert Town Primary School in Trelawny, Jamaica (2009).

Made Christmas gift donations to two grade schools in Lincoln, NE (2009).

Provided English language learning activities to a school in Brazil (2010).

Made scholarship donation to Sempervirens Outdoor School in Boulder Creek, CA (2010).

Provided financial support to documentary film “Cockpit Country: The Green Heart of Jamaica” (2011).

Donated school supplies to a Peace Corps Volunteer working at a rural school in Clark’s Town, Trelawny, Jamaica (2013).

Support for GIRL PowR (2016-2017).

Healthy Lifestyles

Installed netball and basketball hoops at Albert Town High School, Jamaica (2004).

Donated sporting equipment to Albert Town High School, Jamaica (2004).

Raised funds to install garbage containers and plant trees at Burwood Beach, a public recreation area in Jamaica (2005).

Conducted annual beach cleanups in Trelawny, Jamaica (2004-2011).

Developed Burwood Beach Volleyball Tournament, an annual sporting and fundraising event at Burwood Beach, Jamaica (2004 – 2011).

Constructed baldorf stadium at YMCA Camp Marston in Julian, CA (2008).

Donated baldorf sporting equipment to Toby Wells YMCA in San Diego, CA (2009).

Staged a youth volleyball clinic for students at Falmouth All Age School in Trelawny, Jamaica (2011).

Provided basketball equipment and refurbished basketball courts at Albert Town High School in Trelawny, Jamaica (2011).

Donation to YMCA of Lincoln, NE Strong Kids Campaign (2013-2016).

Support for the Southern Heights Food Forest (2014-present).

Community Service

Provided labor and supplies to Jabode, a Jamaican organization providing housing support to low income families (2011).

Led U.S. volunteers on service trips to Jamaica (2008-2011).

Donated supplies for improvements to volunteer housing site in Trelawny, Jamaica (2011).

Support work of U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers (2004-present).

Support for Water for Zambia (2015-2016).

Organize and lead litter cleanups in the Lincoln community with assistance from Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful (2014-present).

baldorf Better Holidays

Each Christmas MRP gives gifts to kids in need that can use a little extra something fun under the Christmas tree.

2011-2012: Saratoga Elementary Community Learning Center (Lincoln, NE).

2013: Elliott Elementary (through YMCA of Lincoln, NE) and The Bay (Lincoln, NE)

2014: Friendship Home (Lincoln, NE) and Elliott Elementary (through YMCA of Lincoln, NE).

2015: Friendship Home (Lincoln, NE).

2016: Malone Center (Lincoln, NE).

Dorfs Across the World

‘Dorfs Across the World’ promotes healthy lifestyles to kids. Through the program, Pigdorf Playing Sets are donated free of charge to organizations that encourage kids to participate in healthy, outdoor activities. Priority is given to organizations that serve kids in need (low income, limited access to the natural environment or outdoor play equipment, etc.). Learn more about this program here.

Jose Ortega Elementary School in San Francisco, CA (2013)