baldorf Playing Guide


Download the complete baldorf Playing Guide here.

The Rules

As you start your path to baldorf greatness you should know the best way to learn baldorf is to learn another game entirely – Pigdorf. Pigdorf is essential learning material and the rules can be found here.

  • Three people are needed to play a regulation match (you can play with two if needed and can always practice on your own). The players rotate through the positions of thrower, door judge and paper judge.
  • Thrower: Shoots the Dorf from the throw line. Thrower’s feet are not allowed to cross the line until Dorf has left hand. Door Judge: Positioned beside the door to call shots, catches & drops. Paper Judge: Keeps score, watches for throwing violations & assists door judge.
  • Each match consists of three innings per player, with the winner being the one that scores the highest amount of points after all innings are completed.
  • Game begins with thrower acknowledging readiness to judges.
  • Thrower starts shooting at bottom left panel (1) and proceeds clockwise around Baldoor to bottom right panel (10). Dorf is bounced once at panels 1-3 & 8-10 and thrown at panels 4-7.
  • Thrower scores points by shooting dorf inside each panel.
  • Thrower cannot advance to next panel until previous panel is hit.
  • Each time panel is missed thrower gets an OUT. Six outs are allowed per inning.
  • After shooting a dorf the thrower must catch it with no more than one bounce on the floor (objects don’t count). Two points are lost for more than one bounce. This is a Drop. If the dorf comes to a complete stop four points are lost. This is a Flooring.
  • If Thrower hits panels 4-7 consecutively one extra out is gained. This is a Quad Bonus. A maximum of four additional outs can be gained per inning.
  • Thrower may challenge a judge’s call with the paper judge making the final verdict. Two challenges are allowed per match.
  • Successfully hitting all 10 panels without exhausting outs is called a baldorf and totals 30 points. 12 bonus points are awarded for this, bringing the total score for each baldorf to 42. One extra out is also gained for a baldorf.
  • A bonus shot, called the Baker’s Dozen, is awarded for each baldorf. Thrower must bounce dorf and hit the Baker’s Dozen sign at the top, catch the dorf and say ‘I just got a Baker’s Dozen!!’ 13 bonus points are awarded for this.
  • An inning is over when the thrower has exhausted all outs. After all players have completed three innings add points and make penalty deductions (Drops and Floorings) for final score. Player with the highest score at the end of the three innings wins.
  • baldorf must always be spelled with a lower case b.

Download the official baldorf Score Sheet here.