Dorfs Across the World

indexlogodorfOh, the places we’ve bounced. ‘Dorfs Across the World’ is an initiative through the baldorf Charitable Foundation to promote healthy lifestyles to kids. Through the program, Pigdorf Playing Sets are donated free of charge to organizations that encourage kids to participate in healthy, outdoor activities. Pigdorf Playing Sets are a fun, easy way to get kids involved in outdoor physical activities and to appreciate the natural environment. Each set contains 5 dorfs, holster, playing guide and tips for staying healthy.

Organizations (schools, clubs, community groups, etc.) across the world are eligible to participate in the program. Organizations must have in their stated mission or goals a desire to improve kid’s lives through healthy lifestyle choices and an appreciation of the natural environment.

Supplies are limited each year. Priority is given to organizations that serve kids in need (low income, limited access to the natural environment or outdoor play equipment, etc.). Check out the video below for more information.

Request a donation here.