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Meet the Dorf Heroes


Forces of both good and non-good, the Dorf Heroes rule baldorf Nation. Look outside your bedroom window and you may see the Green Dragon spewing flames on his baldorf enemies. Visit your local baldorf stadium and you may see The Wood practicing his dextures before a match with Floyd Pig. Walk past the local health clinic and you may spot Dr. Dorf, stethoscope to patient’s heart, checking levels of creative energy. They all live in baldorf Nation, and there are many more out there. Are you a Dorf Hero?

ACTIVITY: Create Your Own Dorf Hero

The Way of the Dorf

baldorf is more than just a game or a sport – it’s a culture and a way of life. Dorf Heroes understand MRP’s mission of making individuals, communities and the world a better place through sound education, healthy living and community service. To achieve this end, a true hero understands and follows the 8 sacred baldorf principles, known as the Way of the Dorf.

#1 – Community Involvement: There’s no I in baldorf. Take time to support your community – donate food, help your neighbor, clean the park.

#2 – Commitment to Healthy Living: Eat well, sleep enough and get your exercise (particularly by playing baldorf and Pigdorf). Stay fit – a baldorf athlete must have the ability to put some leg into it any time, any place.

#3 – Honesty & Integrity: If it’s not right don’t do it; if it’s not true, don’t say it. When in doubt, tell the truth.

#4 – Sportsmanship: Treat fellow Dorfers with the respect everyone deserves. Remember there are no losers in baldorf, only non-winners.

#5 – Appreciate Your Environment: Enjoy nature and conserve the natural world we all depend on.

#6 – Maximum Creative Energy: Focus on the ins, not the outs. Life only runs itself if you let it.

#7 – Dedication: Set your goals high. The only thing stopping you from reaching them is your level of dedication.

#8 – Be A Strong Ambassador: How do you get others to play baldorf and enjoy the culture? Let them see how much fun you’re having! baldorf should not be left in a box on the top shelf of a closet when not in use.

ACTIVITY: Way of the Dorf Crossword Puzzle

Dorfs Across the World

Oh, the places we’ve bounced. ‘Dorfs Across the World’ is an initiative through the baldorf Charitable Foundation to promote healthy lifestyles to kids. Through the program, Pigdorf Playing Sets are donated free of charge to organizations that encourage kids to participate in healthy, outdoor activities. Pigdorf Playing Sets are a fun, easy way to get kids involved in outdoor physical activities and to appreciate the natural environment. Each set contains 5 dorfs, holster, playing guide and tips for staying healthy.

Organizations (schools, clubs, community groups, etc.) across the world are eligible to participate in the program. Organizations must have in their stated mission or goals a desire to improve kid’s lives through healthy lifestyle choices and an appreciation of the natural environment.

Supplies are limited each year. Priority is given to organizations that serve kids in need (low income, limited access to the natural environment or outdoor play equipment, etc.).

Check out the video below for more information.

Request a donation here.