The best way to introduce new players to baldorf is by teaching them something else entirely! Pigdorf is an easy and popular variation of baldorf. Learning this game is the first step to becoming a baldorf Master.

A game of creativity and strategic agility that can be played by anyone, anywhere, anytime, it’s similar to H-O-R-S-E, minus the basketball, hoop and court restrictions. Players select a dorf from their game set, choose a “shot” and, if executed as planned, challenge the next player to make that same shot. If a player fails to complete the challenge shot, they get a P, I or G. It’s a perfect indoor, outdoor, and on-the-go game – encouraging children and adults to step away from their devices and interact with each other.

Check out Pigdorf rules here.

Pigdorf score sheets can be made on any piece of paper, and we here at MRP encourage recycling. But if you want the real deal, download official Pigdorf score sheets here.

Pigdorf Example Shot – Spock Catch

Check out another Pigdorf example shot: Drop, Pop & Catch.

More about Pigdorf: This fun game of brain and brawn sets a level playing field for all personality types. Are you a creative introvert? Come up with off-the-wall (pun intended) shots your competitors won’t expect. Are you athletically gifted and love a good physical challenge? Try jumping shots or even cartwheel shots. Are you anything or everything in-between? Make this game your own by experimenting with shots you can kill and shots your opponents will be challenged by. Basically, make it your own. Play indoors or outdoors and be sure to keep the game set on you at all times—you never know when the need to “dorf” will strike. Few games or products are designed for kids in the locally made, hand-crafted market. This game helps expand the customer base of locally made products.