Board of Directors

The Board guides MRP to ensure the organization is on track to meet its mission and goals. They oversee The baldorf Charitable Foundation and work to improve communities through education, healthy lifestyles and environmental conservation.

Adam Rhoads


Where he’s from: Alliance, NE

What he says: I have a golden pig on my shoulder that whispers sweet nothings in my ear. Born and raised in western Nebraska, I became interested in community development work while serving in the U.S. Peace Corps (Jamaica) from 2003-2007. Myself and a fellow Volunteer founded MRP while living in Jamaica, and my desire to give back to communities is why I am still at it today. Currently, I live in Lincoln, NE with my wife and fellow Board Member Johanna and our daughters Emory (the first true-born dorfer) and Avalyn.

How he helps MRP: Known as “the Commissioner,” Adam is the co-founder of MRP. He works daily to develop MRP’s products, implement community development projects and ensure MRP is meeting its organizational mission. As a Board Member, Adam keeps the rest of the Board up to date on MRP operations and helps set and direct the organization’s long-term vision.

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Angela Nelson

Vice President

Where she’s from: Columbus, NE

What she says: “When in doubt, dip it in Dirt Nap.” I’m a family-focused nomad from the Midwest who spent about a decade of movin’ around the country to find myself full-circle in Nebraska again – older, wiser and eager to focus my energies on realistic ways to improve the world. I enjoy doing just that as an MRP Board Member and as a copywriter for Firespring, a print, creative, website and IT solutions company based in Lincoln, NE.

How she helps MRP: “The dorf is strong in this one.” Angie is focused on finding economical ways and means to build the brands that support MRP’s mission. As our Marketing Coordinator, she works on honing the individual messaging behind baldorf and Dirt Nap Dip to ensure they are strongly represented in their own rights. At the same time, she is focused on ensuring these product lines are clearly represented as avenues that help fund the baldorf Charitable Foundation’s efforts to give back to communities in need.

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Johanna Rhoads


Where she’s from: Los Angeles, CA

What she says: Born and raised in sunny California, I followed the Commissioner and his collection of dorf families to snowy Nebraska. We married on a farm in 2011, dorf characters in attendance as witnesses, and now are proud parents of first generation dorfettes. I’m a real estate agent when I’m not preoccupied slinging dorfs during a good game of Pigdorf. I prefer freestyle Pigdorf versus the regimented game of baldorf, but enjoy the true nature of the sport. I look forward to seeing MRP take on the world one dorf, one project, one community at a time.

How she helps MRP: Johanna is the Board Member with all the details. As Board Secretary she keeps track of what MRP is doing and makes sure everyone is on the same page. As treasurer, Johanna is responsible for tracking MRP’s finances, making sure MRP has enough money to keep itself going while also supporting other groups looking to make a difference in their community.

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John Dean

baldorf Cultural Committee Coordinator

Where he’s from: Spokane, WA (as seen in the television show Cops)

What he says: From the cornfields of Iowa to the swamps of Louisiana, you won’t find me without my favorite dorf. I’m passionate about building sustainable communities and rural livelihoods. I currently live in central Louisiana, where my work focuses on building a vibrant regional food economy. I am excited to help other communities work towards a sustainable future through the baldorf Charitable Foundation.

How he helps MRP: As the baldorf Cultural Committee Coordinator, John helps MRP reach out to communities and give others the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle, receive a quality education and conserve the environment. He oversees our community grant program, which provides grant funding to organizations that can help MRP provide individuals and communities access to an improved quality of life.

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