Recent Projects


MRP supported GIRL PowR in 2016-2017.  GIRLPowR Inc. is a Lincoln-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Nebraska native and returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Julie Reager, who served in Nicaragua 2000-2002.  The organization’s mission is to empower girls globally to achieve educational access and follow their dreams.  Their education and empowerment programs for girls are delivered locally in Lincoln and in Kumaica, Nicaragua by dedicated community volunteers.

For more information in GIRL PowR, visit the program website.

Southern Heights Food Forest

MRP has been supporting the Southern Heights Food Forest (SHFF) since 2014.  The 2 acre space in South Lincoln is on schedule to feature include outdoor classrooms, community gardens, an urban agriculture plot and Nebraska’s first Food Forest. SHFF hopes to influence how the Lincoln community thinks about and values public space, youth interaction with nature, local foods and community development.

MRP supported the SHFF by installing a compost station to be used for the community gardens and funding a new tool shed for use by gardeners. Maintenance of the compost station continues, alongside plans for installing a baldorf court in the future.

For more information on the Food Forest, visit the project website.

Water for Zambia

MRP supported Water for Zambia in 2015-2016. This project is led by Emily McKeone, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Zambia, Africa. During her service, she raised funds to assist three rural schools with improved access to clean drinking water. Working with local communities, new hand pump wells were installed at local schools, providing access to clean water for hundreds of people daily, mostly youth. Now back in the U.S., Emily is raising funds to continue her work at additional schools in Zambia.

For more information on Water for Zambia, visit the project website.

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