March Madness Challenge

March Madness Challenge

Welcome to the 5th annual baldorf Charitable Foundation March Madness Challenge!

60% of all entry fees go directly to the baldorf Charitable Foundation, helping MRP improve communities through education, healthy lifestyles and community service.*

This year MRP is supporting Friends of Wilderness Park, a Lincoln-based community organization committed to sustaining the ecological integrity of Wilderness Park through education, preservation and community collaboration. 20% of funds raised will be donated to Friends of Wilderness Park.


How to Enter

Download and print your bracket HERE.

(note: you do not have to use our official bracket – if you’ve already completed a bracket somewhere else feel free to send it in).

Fill out your bracket, including your name, contact info, the entire bracket and tiebreaker points.

Don’t have time? No problem! Enter the Challenge and we’ll fill out your bracket for you. Request a completed bracket here.

Return your bracket to MRP through one of the following methods:

1) scan and email to

2) take a picture with your mobile phone and email to

3) mail to MRP, 5111 W Sumner Cir, Lincoln, NE 68522

4) hand deliver to the Commissioner

Email confirmation will be sent upon bracket receipt.  Multiple entries per participant are accepted (and encouraged!).

Support MRP by forwarding this Challenge to any friends that you think may be interested.

Don’t have time? No problem! Enter the Challenge and we’ll fill out your bracket for you. Request a completed bracket here.


Entry Deadline

All brackets must be submitted before the ‘Round of 64’ starts on Thursday March 15th.



Cash Distribution = 40% of entry fees (remaining 60% goes directly to the Foundation, with 20% of that to Friends of Wilderness Park).

1st Place – 70% of cash distribution; 2nd Place – 20%; 3rd Place – 10%

Top 5 finishers all receive MRP gear (Dirt Nap Dip, balorf playing sets, etc.)



Your entry fee is a donation to the baldorf Charitable Foundation. Donations are $15 for one bracket and $10 for each additional bracket. Please submit donations for ALL bracket entries at once.

Online donations are preferred, and can be made by clicking here.  Cash and check donations are also accepted.

Donations DO NOT have to be received before the games begin, but please send them in as soon as possible. All donations must be received before the Sweet Sixteen begins on March 22nd.  A confirmation email will be sent when your donation is received.  Donation receipt will be indicated on the updates emailed to all participants at the end of each round.

Printable instructions can be found here.


1st Round Games

There are four 1st round games that will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday (March 13 and 14).  To give you more time to complete your brackets, the first round is essentially ignored – it does not matter who you pick to win the first round.

Thank you for your continued support of the baldorf Charitable Foundation and good luck!

*Mystic Rhoads Productions is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.