MRP Receives Grant from Snow Redfern Foundation

MRP Receives Grant from Snow Redfern Foundation

MRP was recently awarded a grant from the Western Nebraska-based Snow Redfern Foundation. The grant supported MRP’s baldorf Better Holidays program in December 2019.

The baldorf Better Holidays program provides at-risk youth with items needed for a strong start to the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year.  Students are identified and provided with items that replenish and prepare them for the second school semester.  24 students were supported in partnership with Roper Elementary School.

The expected outcome is to improve health and education levels of at-risk youth.  Student health is improved by providing them warm winter clothing, personal hygiene kits and healthy living options.  Student education is improved by restocking basic school supplies (notebooks, pencils, pens, books etc.). Fun holiday gifts are also provided.

Watch the video below to learn more.

About the Snow-Redfern Foundation:
In 1951, Arvilla Snow-Redfern created a home for orphaned, homeless, neglected and underprivileged youth and believed every young person needed home, encouragement, and training. As the foundation translates her original intent to be relevant in today’s world, the spirit and her vision are closely maintained to ensure the Nebraska Boys Ranch history continues to enrich the culture of the foundation. Though the target population has historically been defined as “at-risk, disadvantaged, or disconnected youth”, Snow-Redfern Foundation emphasizes the importance of using asset-focused language and now refers to the target population as “opportunity youth”. Snow-Redfern Foundation no longer provides direct services, but instead awards grant funds to human-service organizations that aid in achieving a shared goal for young people. This is accomplished through intentional planning, identification, support, and funding of outcomefocused projects and programs that center around assisting young people to develop into thriving adults