MRP Supports We Can Do This

Ensuring Kids Don’t Go Hungry

We Can Do This (WCDT) is a volunteer-powered organization ensuring kids and families don’t go hungry, providing meal service on Saturday and Sunday to F Street Rec Center participants.  Local residents and community groups volunteer their time to procure, prepare and serve food for up to 60 kids a day.

MRP is serving as WCDT’s fiscal sponsor, allowing the organization to accept tax-deductible donations and seek grants in support of their program.  You can support WCDT through a one-time donation or by donating on a recurring basis.

Make a one-time donation:

Sign up for recurring donations:

The new weekEND Hunger program makes supporting WCDT easy for you. Set up a recurring, tax-deductible donation and ensure our kids’ hunger needs are being met year-round. Simply fill out the form below. You’ll receive an email to set up your recurring payment, and the weekEND Hunger program will take it from there.

We Can Do This Recurring Donation

Why is MRP supporting We Can Do This?

MRP’s mission is to use the power of our products to build momentum for positive community change.

“This project puts us in a great position to achieve our mission.  And it’s the right thing to do- there are people in our community that can use a little help, and we have the resources to make a difference.” ~ Adam Rhoads, MRP President

It builds on past accomplishments.  One of MRP’s three focus areas is encouraging healthy lifestyles, including access to a fresh, local and natural food supply.  Several of our past community projects helped achieve this goal.

Learn more on the WCDT Facebook page or read their program description.