the Dirt Nap Series

Born in Jamaica. At home in Nebraska.


From deep in the hills of Cockpit Country – a land marked by rugged terrain, vulture-filled skies and hard living- comes the Dirt Nap Series. Born in the community of Sweat Hill in the heart of Jamaica’s Yam Country, the Dirt Nap Series combines authentic Jamaican spices with fiery habanero peppers for a taste unique from the endless rows of condiments on your grocery store shelf.

Hot sauce, spice rubs, bbq, mustard and more – the Dirt Nap Series packs a punch. Here at MRP we like our foods hot but not so hot you can’t taste the flavor. Dirt Nap brings the heat but your mouth won’t be on fire for ten minutes after the first bite.

Made in Nebraska in small, hand-crafted batches.  Locally* sourced, healthy, all-natural ingredients with no preservatives, artificial chemicals, corn syrup or “natural flavors.”

Dirt Nap products are available across the state of Nebraska.  Find out where you can get yours here.  Live in Lincoln?  Catch us at an event or get free delivery with online orders.  Contact MRP for wholesale information.

Dirt Nap Dip started out as an award winning recipe, created specifically for and taking home three awards from the internationally recognized Jamaican food show The Trelawny Yam Festival.  The Original Blend won a gold medal in 2007 and silver and bronze medals in 2006 at the Yam Festival.


*Based on seasonal availability.